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nameConsidering a Switch?

Considering a Switch?

Are you thinking of switching from Alexandria v6 to v7? There are many exciting changes in store for you and your patrons. With a current Alexandria software subscription, you can upgrade to the latest version for no extra cost. When you're ready, check out our Upgrade Conversion Guide to proceed.

Here's what you can expect before switching:

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Alexandria v7 Highlights

  • Updated module interfaces

  • Web-based application

  • New Search interface

  • Multiple search functions

  • Faster search results


Some of the most exciting changes are to our patron searching tools. Researcher is now a collection of refined patron interfaces including Search, Explore, and Scout.

Explore Builder

The new Explore Builder not only lets you fully customize Explore, but also allows you to add visual interfaces to Search. Explore Builder includes hundreds of all-new modern icons at your disposal, so you can create buttons that navigate to predefined searches, specific items in your catalog, saved lists, external websites, panes in Search and Explore, bulletin boards, and more.

Updated Web-Based Interfaces

The newest version of Alexandria is entirely web-based, which means you can run Alexandria on all major web browsers, on all of your devices—no installation required, even for receipt printers or scanners.



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namev7 Features & Tools Webinar

Alexandria v7 Features & Tools Webinar

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MultiExcerptNameFeatures & Tools Webinar
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Thank you everyone again for attending our Version 7 Webinar on March 28th, 2018! We feel it was a big success and are wanting to host more. If any of your questions weren’t answered we sincerely apologize, we received a very large amount. Please do make sure to contact our Customer Support Team as soon as you are able with those questions so that we can address them with you. Also, please contact us with any ideas or suggestions you may have for future webinar topics.

Until then, let’s all keep learning and teaching!

Jake Vanderlinden & Josh Hutchings

The COMPanion Customer Support Team and Certified Trainers

Frequently Asked Questions
titleIs the version 7 web interface complete, or do I have to use a separate installed interface to make new reports?

Yes, the version 7 web interface is the total package. It allows you to create new reports and do everything else you need. There is no need to install a second interface.

titleWill my version 6 saved reports transfer over?

There are a few things that do not transfer from version 6 to version 7. These are saved reports, the Alex Explore buttons, and the Authority Control database. The reason for this is because those features have changed. We have greatly enhanced these features and made them more powerful.

titleHow do I access the version 7 interface if I’m self-hosted, on an Alexandria Controller, or have an Alexandria Centralized Union?

The main difference in Alexandria version 7 for these setups is the need to install. If you are self-hosted, the hosting station is the single and only install needed, even if on a Controller or Centralized Union. If you are an Alexandria Cloud Hosted customer, there is NO program install needed ever. This means Alexandria can be available anywhere you have internet and a web browser.

titleIs there a way I can try version 7 and play with it before I move?

There definitely is! We have a Demo available to anyone, 24/7. Please feel free to go there and try all the things that you do now in version 6. We sincerely want you to be comfortable and prepared for the change. You can access it at this web address:

titleWhat is the pricing or availability for version 7, for Alexandria Cloud Hosting, for the upcoming Clever integration, or for the upcoming Textbook Tracker interface?

As this information may vary between subscription types, you will want to contact our Customer Sales Team. They can be reached by phone or email here: 800.347.6439 -

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namePrepare for the Move

Prepare for the Move

Centralized Catalogs
  • Review your license to ensure that you are registered for the correct number of sites.
  • Review your patron and copy records to ensure that they are properly assigned to the correct site.
    • The Union Site is not intended for circulation, and special behavior will apply. Any records assigned to the Union Site after conversion will be checked out to "In Processing"  once daily maintenance is run.

Saved Reports, Utilities, Exports, and Imports

Because of the redesigns and improvements to these modules, saved Reports, Utilities, Exports, and Imports will not convert from v6 to v7.

In v6.22.7 (or later) Reports, run the Operation Summary report. This gives you an all-inclusive list of every saved operation, so you can review the list for operations still in use, then recreate those saved operations in v7.

Explore Builder Buttons and Panes

With all the improvements to Explore Builder, we will not be able to convert existing panes, so you have the chance to start fresh! Review your Explore panes to ensure your icons are updated and your custom searches are relevant, then use the new interface to tailor-fit your patron searching experience.

In v6.22.9 (or later) Reports, run the Explore Pane Summary report. This will help you recreate your buttons in Explore Builder.

Orders and Budgets

Another way we’ve made Alexandria more user-friendly and relevant is by removing modules that are not used: Due to lack of customer interest, Orders and Budgets are no longer supported, and there are no immediate plans for their return.

Upgrade Your Printer

Along with upgrading your software, now is the time to upgrade your printer. We are now offering a network receipt printer that can be shared by multiple stations and works with the new web interfaces. Contact our Sales Team (1-800-347-6439) to learn more.


View the v6 to v7 Conversion Guide to learn more, then contact Alexandria's Sales Team at 1-800-347-6439 to request the switch to v7.