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Tip for: 10.06.14

Are you adding new copies to your collection before the items are available? Set their status to In Processing.

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nameV1233 New Copies? In Processing
pageALIB:V12 TOTW Videos

There is a preference for this as well as an import setting.

To set the status for new copies for an individual import:

In version 7:

  • In Imports, click on the Items category.
  • Go to the Options tab.
  • Check the box Set New Copies as ‘In Processing’.

In version 6:

  • In Imports, click on Item Settings.
  • Check the box Set Copy Status ‘In Processing’.

To make it so all new copies start with a status of In Processing:

  • Open Preferences.
  • Go to the Items category.
  • Click on the Item Defaults tab.
  • Under Copy Location & Status Defaults, look at New Copy Default Status.
  • Change it from Available to In Processing.

When your new copies are ready to be circulated, bookdrop them, and their status will change to Available.