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Advanced Search

Researcher > Advanced Search

The Advanced Search interface allows you to search your collection (or remote collections for which you have access) using the standard Boolean modifiers (And, Or, and And Not) for all selections. This allows you to specify or narrow your catalog search results.

You can also use the Study Programs, Medium, or Genre search filters at the top of the Advanced Search pane in conjunction with the Boolean modifiers, however Alexandria will filter results by those selectors first before filtering results by the selected Boolean modifiers.

To access the Advanced Search interface click on the  ampersand flag next in the upper left corner of the search box. The search menu will expand allowing you to choose what to search as well as Boolean modifiers.

You'll notice that new selectors have been added to the list of options, Accession Date and Publication Year. An Accession Date is the date an item was added to your catalog. A Publication Year is the year an item was published. These selectors also allow the option to search a range of date or years.

Read Search Basics for more information about search selectors.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Use Advanced Search
  1. Click on the ampersand (&) flag.
  2. Choose a search selection from the drop down menu in the top box (i.e. Author, Series, Title, etc.) and enter your criteria.
  3. Choose the Boolean modifier you wish to use (And, Or, And Not) from the drop down menu on the left and enter the additional criteria you are wanting to search. The Researcher supports up to four levels of Boolean searching.
  4. Click Search and results will display below the Advance Search pane.

Researcher will display up to 50 search results per page. If more than 50 results were found you will need to click the Find More button in the upper right of the search results list to view additional results. Please note that if you toggle from Advanced to Search or visa versa while there are search results listed, those results and the search fields will be cleared as if initiating a clean search.