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Tip for: 03.19.18

When your patrons go to look for items in Researcher, they might search or filter by Medium or Genre. ...What do your lists of these tags look like, anyway? It might be time to do some spring cleaning!

From Tools, open Authority Control.

In v6, you can change the dropdown menu to Medium. (There isn’t any dedicated Genre selection, but you can always clean up your subjects.)

Authority Control (v6)

In v7, look under Medium > Medium, or Titles > Genre.

From here, double-click on any entry to edit it. You’ll want to clean up the lists so they are easy for patrons to understand and use. E.g. If you have mediums for ‘book’ and ‘books’ you can change ‘books’ to ‘book’ to consolidate. Do you need Sci-fi and Science Fiction? Probably not.

Authority Control

Read more about Authority Control.

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