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Tip for: 03.26.18

If you are Cloud Hosted, how can you tell when Alexandria will be updated? If you are Self Hosted, how do you know when an update will be available for you?

We are excited to share what’s new, so there are a number of ways we let you know about updates.

  • Email. We send out emails letting you know what cool things are coming with the next update. Are you getting these emails? Click Update Subscription Preferences at the bottom of this email to see what lists you are subscribed to. Make sure you check Alexandria v7 Updates or Alexandria v6 Updates!

  • Message Center. When there is a red dot on the Message Center icon (from Circulation), that means there’s a new message for you. We usually post in the Message Center once you have been updated to a new version.

  • Login screen. For v7 Cloud-Hosted users, we can now send messages directly to your login screen when an update is coming.

Login Screen Messages

When you see that an update is coming, don’t forget to check the Release Notes for a more complete list of changes, and if you have any special concerns, contact Support at 1.800.347.4942.

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