Tip for 09.17.18

What do you do when George returns his book damaged? You don’t have to guess—he told you he spilled water on it. You just bookdropped it, so you have both George and his book current in Circulation. What do you do next to mark the item as damaged?

It’s quite easy. From where you are, type DL in the command line and <enter> to bring up a list of Damage Codes with predefined notes and fines. You can select a specific reason, or "Custom Damage". For now let’s select Water Damage and press OK.

Circulation Damage Codes

What does this do? Two things.

  1. It charges George whatever fine is associated with that type of damage. You can pay the fine under the Charges tab.
  2. It adds a note to the copy. In the Current Item pane, click Notes to bring up copy notes, and you'll see an entry for the damage. That way, when Clara returns the item later, you can check the notes before charging her with water damage too!

You can edit existing damage codes and add new ones in Preferences > Codes > Damage Codes. Then later you could type DL + the code (such as DL WAT for water damage) into the command line to skip the selection list.

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