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Did you know Alexandria version 7 has styles for Researcher interfaces? You can change the colors for Search, Scout, Slideshow, Status, Researcher, and Explore!

Patron Status

  1. Go to Preferences > Researcher
  2. Select the module on the left. For this example, let’s look at Status.
  3. Change the Style dropdown menu to, for example, Mosaic.
  4. Save your change.
  5. Go to Patron Status to see the style!

The Bubbly Ocean theme is only available for Scout, Slideshow, and Status so far, but will be coming to the others later. Also, because of Scout’s specialized look, it’s only available in Bubbly Ocean and Professional.

Do you want more? Let us know in the comments!

Are you on version 6 and don’t have Styles? Learn more about switching from v6 to v7! 

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  1. Anonymous

    Can you have 2 different colors for the Self Check in and Self Check out?  It would be so much easier for my students to have 2 separate colors. Thanks!

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