Tip for 11.19.18

If you're in a school library, the grade table is part of your Patron Preferences. You can customize this table to match the grade levels (or educational years) in your school. 

  1. Go to Tools and open Preferences.
  2. Go to Patrons.
  3. Click on the Grade Table tab.

Grade Table Preferences

Individually enter each grade level relevant to your union in the order they should be sorted and incremented. This is a simple list; the first entry in the Grade Table will be your first grade level, the second will be the next grade level, etc. The Grade and Description entries in the table are fully customizable, allowing you to use whatever terminology you desire. Grades must be advanced manually at the end of each school year by using the Advance All Grades button or the Advance Patron Level utility. Using one of these utilities, you can advance your patrons to the next grade level until they reach the Last Grade level (e.g. Graduated); patrons will never advance past the Last Grade level.

To remove a grade

  1. Highlight the grade. 

  2. On the bottom left, click Remove.

  3. Save your changes.

To add a grade

  1. On the bottom left, click Add.
  2. By default, the new grade will be added to the end of your table. Change the Sort number if you want the grade listed elsewhere in the table.
  3. Enter the grade in the Grade field and a description in the Description field. 
  4. Click Add
  5. When you have added and/or removed all grades needed, click Save.

Remember to reset the Advance After date each year!

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