Tip for December 10, 2018

We all need some time off, but we need to get work done too. So if you find yourself struggling with Alexandria during the holidays (any holiday), rest assured we are available to help you. 

Give Support a call any time at 1-800-347-4942.

Have you ever struggled with downtime? If you find yourself staring listlessly at the lack of books to shelve, you could instead take advantage of our other support resources to improve your Alexandria skills.

And you can always amuse yourself by going through all the Circulation Commands and trying each one out. Use this handy list of Circulation Commands to check everything off!

Don’t want to do that with your own data? Are you sure? Well, ok—try it on the demo:

v6 users—Have you thought about switching to v7 over the summer? Learn more about the switch.

v7 users—Are you ever curious about this ‘v6’ we mention? Alexandria v7 was released in summer 2014. Before that was…

Happy holidays!

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