Tip for February 11, 2019 

Darla comes up to the circulation desk with a trilogy of books to check out. Your normal checkout time is 3 weeks, but Darla explains that she's going to visit her grandparents around that time and won't be back when the books are due. "Can I please have them longer?" she asks. How can you turn away such a veracious reader? You can't. Instead, you assist Darla's love of learning by using override dates.


The Override Date command can be used

  • in Check Out mode to set a custom due date,
  • in Renewal mode to customize the due date, and 
  • in Inventory mode to set a particular inventory date.

When you set an override date, it shows in the top right of Circulation. In v7, the date will be red. When you're finished using the override, be sure to clear it or you'll mess up the rest of your circulation!

To override due dates:

  1. In the command line, type a period (.) followed by the future date (e.g. 03262019 for March 26, 2019—the date formats follow your Localization settings). 
  2. Tap <enter>. The date will show in the top right of the window and a log entry will be added for setting the override date.
  3. Scan the barcodes for Darla's books. 
  4. Check the Renewals tab to see the special due date for her books.
  5. Clear the override date by entering a period (.) in the command line or by changing modes.

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