May 13, 2019

End-of-Year Procedures

Before you can take a break with full satisfaction, you'll want to prep your library for the summer. We have some general recommendations on our blog, and we've revamped our End-of-Year Procedures article just for you. 

Have you been following our release announcements? Here are a few things that might be useful this time of year.

  • Run the Inventory reports in Alexandria and Textbook Tracker to find out what you have and what's still out.
  • When you email a Patron Details report from Circulation, add a note for Mom or Dad and ask for those items back!
  • End of year data cleanup? Yes, please! Read up on Cataloging Series and Serials, then run the Title Information by Series report to see how your series are being presented, and do some cleanup!
  • Want to change things up for next year? Take a look at your Researcher pane—it might need an update. Take advantage of all the icons we have available for you, and don't forget to add Browse!

Have a great summer! See ya next fall!

New features keep on coming for Alexandria 7. Are you still on version 6? Learn about switching to Alexandria 7!

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