September 16th, 2019

Miss Honey has a cart of books with her. She has selected the perfect number and variety for her Approved Book Report List. But... how does she make a searchable list in Researcher with those books on the cart?

Normally, your patrons are searching for a particular book because they don't have it in front of them. Librarians, however, are used to working with books they've already pulled. For this reason, you CAN search for a copy barcode or barcode range in Search by using a search string like ((copybarcode::10293--10294)). That's not exactly the fastest way to pull up books to add to a list, though. We want to make this easier for you in the future. But in the meantime, here's a handy workaround: 

  1. In Circulation, enter Assign Keyword mode (V), for, say, Bibliographic term (B). Then enter some random string of characters for the term (e.g. V B ZXCXZ). That will assign the term ZXCXZ to any books you scan.
  2. Go ahead, scan your cart of books!
  3. Next, in Search, do a search for your random term (ZXCXZ).
  4. Only the books you want on your list will show up! Go to the list icon  at the top of the results and choose Add All to List.
  5. Select an existing list or create a new one.

Voila! All the books Miss Honey wants are now on her list and she can go about her work!

But what about that random ZXCXZ bibliographic term now showing up for those books? ...You could just leave it.

Nah, I wouldn't leave it either.

  1. Open Authority Control and go to Titles > Bibliographic (if that's the keyword you assigned with the V command). 
  2. Find your ZXCXZ entry, double-click, and delete the text. 
  3. Confirm the modification, and a utility will be scheduled to clear out that term. 

That'll do!

Although the term will be removed, those items will still show up for a search of ZXCXZ for a short time. Why? The term still exists in the search index, and will be cleared out during automatic Alexandria maintenance. So if you are doing multiple lists, use multiple terms, then clean them all up in Authority Control at the end.

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