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October 7th, 2019

Are you nearing or have you hit your patron record limit? There's always the option of increasing your license limit. But first, try cleaning out your patron records using the tips below!

If you have exceeded your license limit, a warning will pop up in Alexandria to let you know. Alexandria is licensed by record number tiers. Check which tier you're licensed for in Circulation > Special > License Info. You could also look at your packing list or contact Customer Support (1-800-347-4942) to get this information. Compare that number to how many patron records you currently have by going to Circulation > Special > System Info

You can view your record limit by selecting the question mark icon in the top right corner of Alexandria, and then selecting "About Alexandria." 

Remove Old Records

Get rid of Transferred, Inactive, and Graduated patrons if you haven't recently. Check out the Patron Cleanup section of our Clean Up Your Data page for instructions on removing these records.

Remove Duplicates
  1. Run a Patron Information report sorted by last name.

  2. Click on the Operations Management icon  and locate the report. Then download and print the PDF.

  3. Go through the list of patrons and make note of any duplicates.

  4. Go to Utilities > Patrons > Remove Patrons.

  5. Click on Show Additional Selections and then type all of the duplicates' barcode numbers in the Patrons with Barcodes selection.

  6. Click Run.

And there you go! All duplicates you identified should be gone.

Consider Clever

If keeping track of patrons who have moved or graduated is a hassle, consider using a school information system (SIS) such as Clever. When patron data is synced with Alexandria via Clever, patrons who have an active record in Alexandria but are no longer included in the synced data will be marked as Transferred. Then you'll only need to run a Remove Patrons utility for those with a status of Transferred to remove old records.

Feel free to give our Customer Support team a call (1-800-347-4942) or send an email ( if you have questions about your record limits!

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