April 12th, 2021

So, you're mostly done with inventory! You've finished all sessions and taken full stock of your library's collection. Whew! There are just a few last steps before you can start celebrating: check what wasn't inventoried, declare items lost or discarded, and remove those items.

Declare Missing Copies Lost utility Selections tab

V7 and V6

Read through Let's weed—Pulling discards during Inventory for instructions on simultaneously performing inventory and weeding items.

Version 7

See the Remove Copies section of our End-of-Year Procedures. There you'll find information on running a Loaned Items Information report, declaring missing copies lost, and removing lost and discarded copies.

Version 6

Check out the Loaned Item Reports, Declare Missing Items Lost, and Remove Lost and Discarded Items sections of the End-of-Year Procedures.

Before you go...

Feel free to contact our 24/7 Support team at 1-800-347-4942 or support@goalexandria.com if you need additional help or have questions. We wish you the best and hope you stay safe!

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