April 27th, 2020

You're almost there! The last step of our End-of-Year Procedures is creating a secure backup of your Alexandria data. Backups bring peace of mind and provide a way for your library to recover lost data when human errors, hardware malfunctions, and other unexpected events strike.

Version 7 and Version 6

Check out Back Up Your Data for information on backup strategies and instructions. Remember that backups, unlike archives, are saved to an external source and preferably moved to a secure location.

Only Self-Hosted users need to back up their data. If you're Cloud-Hosted, COMPanion does it for you! Learn more about the benefits of going Cloud-Hosted.

Before you go...

Is your library closing early or going remote? Check out our new Unexpected School Closures article and video for tips on making this transition. And feel free to contact our 24/7 Support team at 1-800-347-4942 or support@goalexandria.com if you need additional help or have questions. We wish you the best and hope you stay safe!

Also, take our new survey and let us know which Alexandria resources have helped you prepare for library changes due to COVID-19.

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