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May 11th, 2020

Alexandria Researcher has a lot of capabilities and interfaces that together create a powerful library experience for your patrons. While learning how to use these tools may feel overwhelming at first, it's a piece of cake with the right resources... A little while ago, we released some Researcher training videos for patrons. Now we have the same thing for librarians!

Whether you need to train new librarians over the summer or help those returning brush up on their skills, these short videos are an awesome resource.

You can view them in two places:

  1. Check out the Alexandria University: Researcher playlist on our YouTube channel.
  2. Head to our Video Directory and look through the Researcher for Librarians section on the Alexandria University tab.

Watch the videos together in a group training or individually. Either way, we hope they bolster your confidence in using and optimizing Researcher for your library!

These videos are for version 7 users. Still on version 6? Learn about switching! 

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