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June 8th, 2020

With the increasing popularity and need for eBooks, we're popping in with a quick summer tip on how to use them with Alexandria. If you've been wondering how they're imported, how to add the cover art, what they look like in Researcher, and more, don't worry—we've got the answers.

Here are some several recently updated eBook resources for you:

  • Cataloging eBooks: Learn how to add eBooks through Items Management and get information on some optional strategies, such as adding eReader groups as a subject heading.
  • Import eBooks: Get step-by-step instructions for importing eBook files.
  • New Capstone titles?—Hooray!: Get access to 24 free eBooks from Capstone.

Happy eBook catalog-ing!

Before you go...

Have you heard that Alexandria and Textbook Tracker are getting a makeover? It's true! In addition to a new, modern look, we will be adding responsive design and some exciting features. Sign up to receive special Makeover announcement emails and beta access.

Also, we invite you to apply for our very first User Research Group. Essentially, we're looking for librarians willing to be our "first users" and give us feedback on big changes we're making to our systems. Sound interesting? Fill out an application today!

Still on version 6? Check out the Ebooks section of the v6 Support Center, and learn about switching to Alexandria 7! 

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