July 13th, 2020

At the end of every year, Miss Honey needs to see which kinds of books were most popular with each type of student in her system: elementary kids, middle schoolers, and high schoolers. These statistics help her decide which new books to order and justify the cost for administrators. Alexandria has a report that can give her this information, but she also needs to set up her patrons and items the right way to gather those statistics. How? Easy... policies.

As you prepare your library for another year, consider which statistics you'll need at the end of next year. This will help you decide how to set up your patron and item policies now. In Miss Honey's case, she should have at least three patron policies (Elementary, Middle, High) and multiple item policies for various genres (Fiction, Fantasy, Biography, etc). However, your policies may need to be different.

Check out these resources to help you make these decisions and set up your policies:

  • Why You Need Policies (v7 | v6). Read more about why policies should be an important consideration when setting up your library. Seriously. They will make your life so much easier!
  • Patron Policies (v7 | v6). Learn how to add and modify patron policies along with what all of the options mean.
    • Change Patron Policy utility (v7 | v6). Use a utility to change multiple patrons' policies at once.
  • Item Policies (v7 | v6). Find out what all of the options mean and get step-by-step instructions on adding and modifying item policies.
    • Change Title Policy utility (v7). Use a utility to change multiple titles' policies at once.
    • Change Copy Policy utility (v7 | v6). Use a utility to change multiple copies' policies at once.

And there you have it! Now you'll be able to get the statistics you need.

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