August 24th, 2020

Has it been a while since you've ventured into Alexandria? If so, you might need to brush up on some things... but no worries! Here's a quick refresher on checking in items.

Checking in items from Circulation is easy peasy! 

You'll have to use Bookdrop mode (B). "Bookdrop" is another word for "check in," and you'll find it's sometimes used in Alexandria and our documentation. Once you enter B into the command line to start Bookdrop mode, you can continuously scan or type barcodes to check in items. 

If your library is focusing a lot on holds, we suggest you don't use Inventory Bookdrop Suppressed mode. This disables notifications that let you know if an item being checked in has a hold on it.

There are a few preferences related to check-ins you'll want to review:

Want to quickly review a few other essentials? Take a look at our Alexandria Refresher!

Before you go...

We want to hear from you! Which tools and resources—both within and outside of Alexandria—have you been using to get your library through the pandemic? Let us know in our survey.

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