August 31st, 2020

Is your library now running remotely? If so, you'll probably need to set up some email notices. Overdue items, unpaid charges, coming due items... Learn how to schedule notices for all of these with Alexandria!

With email notices, you'll be able to easily give patrons important information without needing to see them or individually email everyone.

Version 7

Make your life easier by saving and scheduling frequently used email notices. Doing so makes them automatically go out, allowing you to not give notices a second thought!

Which notice reports should you set up? Here are a few we recommend:

Check out our full list of Circulation Notices Reports for more.

In order for Alexandria to send out emails, you'll need to configure your Email Settings in Administration and have an email listed in your Site Record.

Version 6

You can also save and schedule email notices in v6.

Here are some email notices you may want to schedule:

And there you go. Get those notices scheduled and enjoy the freedom!

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