October 5th, 2020

Have you tried out the new and improved Item Details yet? Just like Patron Details, we've reorganized things and added more helpful information. Take a look!

Now it's even easier to get to know the books in your collection. Item Details contains reviews, links, genres, subjects, all study programs, awards, publisher information, and the item's summary. It's also interactive! Here are some thing you can click on now:

  • Author's name. Performs an automatic item lookup by author.
  • Star ratings. Opens Reviews Management so you can approve pending reviews.
  • Open copy list. Opens that item's Copy List.

Quickly pull up Item Details for the current item with the QI command or by clicking Details in the current item's  Actions menu.

Where did the copy and holds information go?

All copy and holds information for a title and its copies has been moved to the new Copy List, which is also easily accessible from Circulation. Stay tuned for more information on this in next week's tip!

Join our User Research Group to give your insights on coming changes and new features like this! We value the input of our users.

The new Items Details is only available on version 7. Still on version 6? Learn about switching to Alexandria 7! 

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