Tip for: 04.23.18

For many years, the venerable Alexandria Wiki has served as a reliable source of documentation for all we offer at COMPanion. It’s carried out its mission well, but we've recently decided that it’s time to move on.

Drumroll, please… 

Announcing the new v7 Alexandria Support Center, featuring improved navigation, comprehensive searching, dynamic content, and more. We’re still applying some polish here and there, but we couldn’t wait to unveil it for you. We’re continually updating content to make sure it contains exactly what you need. 

There are a few ways to open the Support Center from Alexandria. Click  in the Librarian navigation bar (or command/control-0) to open the Support Center home page, or click  in the top right corner of any module to open documentation for that area.

Note: The new Support Center will open from these links as of version 7.17.11.

Please update your bookmarks! The old wiki will remain online, but it’s no longer being updated.


Alexandria Support Center

Tip of the Week Archive

Video Directory

Getting Started Resources (including the Basic Training Guide, Getting Started Guide, and FAQs).

Beginning-of-Year Procedures

End-of-Year Procedures

Inventory page and FAQs

Release Notes

Your life will change in oh so many ways…. 

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