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October 4th, 2021

Miss Honey wants to highlight new inventory in the library collection for her patrons. She can easily do this using Search Strings!

Have you ever wondered how you can use Search Strings? 

Search Strings are great to link to Explore buttons or Slideshows, which you can use to highlight items in your collection. 

If Miss Honey wanted to create an Explore button for new inventory in the library, she could use the Search String((accession::# %today -90)&&(hidetitle::0)), which would populate search results for any new items in the last 90 days (you can adjust the number to how ever many days you want). See some examples and read more about configuring Search Strings yourself!

For most Search Strings, it is easier to build one out using the advanced Smart Search in Researcher.

  1. Navigate to Researcher>Search>Advanced Search (click on the icon on the left side of the search bar). 
  2. Then, build out your search settings based on which collection or items you are wanting to highlight, and click Search.
  3. Select the share icon on the far left above the search results, then copy and paste the Search String

Read more about creating your own custom Explore Buttons or Slideshows!

Search Strings are unique to Version 7. Still on version 6? Learn about switching to Alexandria 7! 

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