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November 22 2021

Miss Honey's library is always busy, and sometimes keeping up with everything seems impossible. Luckily, Miss Honey has set up automatic email notices for holds, reservations, overdue items, and charges. So while Alexandria is taking care of sending notices out, she can focus on the immediate needs of her patrons.

Are you ready to switch to automatic emails? 

First, you will need to make sure your system's  Email Preferences are set up correctly–you might need help from your IT team. 

Next, you need to Enable Automatic Email Notifications. Go to Preferences > Circulation > Circulation Settings, then select the Enable Automatic Email Notifications checkbox. 

You will also want to make sure your patrons have valid email addresses in their patron records. The easiest way to add patron emails is to sync from your SIS (e.g. GG4L). To add patron emails manually, go to Patrons > Contact to enter primary and secondary emails. Want to see which patrons don't have emails yet? Run the Patrons Missing Information report. 

Patrons can also add or update their email addresses through Researcher, depending on the patron security group status. 

Some of the automatic notices can even be edited specifically for your library by going to Preferences > Circulation > Letters

When using the Email format for some notices, you can choose whether to send the notice to only the Primary Email or all emails on selected patron records. This allows you to notify both patrons and parents/guardians if necessary.

Keep in mind that Automatic Email Notifications are system-wide, so you will need approval from an admin. As an alternative, consider our report email notifications. You can read more about the automatic and report Email Notices available in Alexandria. 

Don't wait–jump on the automatic email train today! 

Email notices are so much better in version 7. Learn about switching to Alexandria 7! 

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