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January 10 2022

Did you get new books for the new year? Adding records to Alexandria is probably something you're pretty familiar with. But do you know all the great resources we have in our support center to help make importing a breeze? 

First, let's review best practices for running imports. 

  • We recommend that you schedule imports when Alexandria is not busy, because large imports can slow down your system. This also makes it easier to track down any problems later on, as it isolates activity during that time.

  • Files should be smaller than 50 MB. 
  • The format of the file may be MARC, MicroLIF, or tab-delimited. In the case of tab-delimited, we recommend using Item Field Mapping. Otherwise, you'll need to manually adjust it by clicking Field Mapping for each import.

  • Create Saved Imports to save the settings you use most often, including Field Mapping (v7 only).

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As always, you can contact our stellar support team for assistance at, with any additional questions you may have. 

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