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February 7 2022

You know that overwhelmed feeling when you have too many browser tabs open? Miss Honey's district has three different schools that use Alexandria, and keeping track of which tabs go with which school gets confusing! One of the library interns showed her how to group and color-code tabs in Google Chrome. It's easy!

Grouping Tabs Together

  1. You can group multiple open tabs by holding down the <Shift> or <Command> key, and clicking on the tabs you want to group together. 
  2. Then, right click the tabs and select Add Tabs to a Group
  3. Enter a name and select a color for the group. You can then collapse or expand the tabs listed under each group by clicking on the group name. 

Don't have Chrome? Check out Keep Track of Tabs for tab extensions in other browsers! 

Thanks to the Alpine school district for this great idea!

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