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September 6, 2022

Here at Companion, we're really busy getting the Makeover betas ready to launch into full service. But we aren't too busy to improve the Researcher Topnav and Bulletins for you. Take a look at some of the exciting updates to help your patrons navigate Researcher. 

Scout, Browse, the Researcher hub, Bulletins, Slideshow, and Patron Status have a completely reorganized topnav with some new features. 

New Menus!

In the new topnav, check out the handy Researcher drawer—no more ‘going back’ to Researcher in order to switch from Scout to Browse!

Also check out the user menu, where your patrons can see quick stats like how many items they have out, and any holds they have.

Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards got a facelift! You can change the colors, and bulletins are now mobile friendly. Plus, you can incorporate Google forms and calendars on your bulletins. It's in beta now, but it will be released next month, and you can view it now by clicking on the bulletin icon in the topnav. 

Have any questions, or need help navigating the changes? Reach out to our Support team at 

The Makeover betas are here! Look in Circulation, Items, and Patrons for a purple alert button  at the top of your screen. That will take you to the Makeover beta in our demo where you can play around recklessly.

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