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February 21, 2023

Do you know how to set up an effective Researcher for patrons to explore your catalog? Have you put together Slideshows to encourage reading? What about Bulletin Boards? Browse? Alexandria has so many great tools to help you engage your patrons, and we know it can be overwhelming at first.

You can learn how to better customize your Researcher for increased patron engagement by meeting with our Virtual Librarian (who is actually a REAL librarian!) to enhance your skills, knowledge, and abilities in Alexandria. 

In these personalized professional development sessions you'll learn how to create patron experiences by engaging readers, supporting teachers, improving searchability, expanding access to you collection, and more.

The Alexandria Makeover is scheduled to release THIS MONTH! Check out our support page all about the makeover, watch our Makeover Webinar, and explore the new training videos on youtube to learn the new interface.

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