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Tip for: 10.23.17

Do you have something to say to your patrons as they peruse the Explore Panes you have made? Turn one of your Explore buttons into a popup message.

Imagine you are creating a new Researcher Explore Pane that reaches out to other areas of the library—such as links to your school website, the library item request page, the Google map location of your library, and a ‘know your library’ quiz you created in Typeform . The only thing missing is information about you, the librarian.

Guess what? All you need to do is add a button, and for the Action, choose Display Message (or Display a message in version 6).

Explore Builder, Display Message

When you click on this button in Explore (or Researcher or Search), a popup message displays the text you entered.

Researcher Message Popup

Use the Display Message button to tell your patrons about the pane they are viewing, give instructions for reading challenges, display a ‘joke of the week’, recipes, storyboards, homework assignments—you get the idea.

Do you have messages in your Explore panes? What kinds of things are you telling your patrons? Let us know! Send an email to, and we’ll post the results on this page.

New to Explore Builder? Learn more by clicking the help link at the top right of Explore Builder. 
..Or skip right to the version 7 article for Explore Builder or the version 6 article for Explore Builder Window.

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