Tip for: 03.20.17

A patron comes in with two payment receipts of 25¢ for the same overdue item, but your records only show one payment. Is this the same receipt twice, or did something go wrong? The best way to figure that out?—Receipt numbers.

Receipt for Payment

In Alexandria v7, receipt numbers are always printed on receipts, so you always have a way to tell receipts apart. It’s like a transaction ID that both you and the recipient of the receipt can quickly reference.

In Alexandria v6, you can turn on numbered receipts:

  • Go to Preferences.
  • Click on the Circulation area.
  • Go to the Receipts tab.
  • Check the box to Print Receipt Number on Monetary Receipts.
  • Save the preference.

In v7, the Receipt # always shows in the Charges > History subtab. From there you can also re-print a receipt for the patron.

Charges History Tab

In v6, you can go to the from the Charges > Payments subtab and Print Receipt to see the Receipt #.

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