Tip for: 03.13.17

Have you ever had the student who searches for “cup cake” instead of “cupcake”, or vice versa? Not all searches have frosting on top… but there is a way you can deal with the variable-search-term problem.

In Alexandria, go to Item Management and locate the title you know students are having trouble finding.

Click on the Terms subtab. Here you have 3 interesting fields: Bibliographic Term, Curriculum Term, and Interest Term. While Curriculum Term is great for class/grade-specific things, Bibliographic Term is the perfect candidate for... the “cup cake”. (In this example.)

Terms subtab

Enter the variable term in the Bibliographic Term field, and save the record.

Now from Researcher search, look for that “cup cake” term which previously yielded no results. :( 
There should be a result now! :)

In other words, Bibliographic Terms are searchable through Researcher, so you can help your students out with weirdly-spelled or squashed-together words.

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