Tip for: 03.06.17

If you are #136 in line for the latest Potter-Twilight-Hunger-Wimpy-Lunar book, but you don’t want the hold to come in until you’ve re-read the entire series again, there’s a simple solution: Suspend the hold for a few months.

Suspend Hold

When a hold is ‘suspended’ it acts like a normal hold until you reach #1. Then, at #1, you stay #1 until the Suspend Until date is reached, whereupon you get the next returned copy. This is especially useful if you are going on vacation and know you won’t be able to pick the book up until after you return!

To suspend a hold in v7:

  • From Circulation:

Make the patron current.Go to the Holds'Holds' tab, the Patron subtab.

  • From Patron Status:

Log in.Go to the Activities tab, the Holds subtab.

  • Select the hold in the queue and click SuspendNote: You can’t suspend an In-Stock or On-Shelf hold.
  • Enter a date in the Suspend Until box.
  • Save.

Version 6 Workaround

It’s not simple, but there is a way to manually ‘suspend’ a hold for a patron in v6. If you know that patron is on vacation, or won’t be available to pick up their book, or they’ve even asked you to make sure it doesn’t come in until they’ve seen the movies… all you have to do is bump that patron to the end of the hold queue.

  • From Circulation, make the item current.
  • Go to the Holds tab, the Item subtab.
  • Click and drag the patron’s name to the bottom of the list.

There! Now the hold won’t come in for that patron until they’re ready for it!

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