Tip for: 02.21.17

In-Stock status in Alexandria has been overworked. It’s always had to manage all the holds waiting in the holds pickup area of your library, and all the holds that are sitting on a shelf somewhere. Well, both In-Stock status and you, the librarian, are in for a treat—in 7.16.2 we’ve introduced On-Shelf holds, to share some of the burden.

NOTE: In v6 any item in your library on hold for a patron at your library is categorized as In-Stock.

Now, a hold placed on an item that is Available becomes an On-Shelf hold. You can then run On-Shelf reports to find out which books to pull from your shelves.

Once you’ve pulled the On-Shelf books, bookdrop them to change their status to In-Stock. Print hold receipts for them as you bookdrop, then when you’ve finished you can put them in the holds area of your library.

When a hold expires, it becomes an In-Stock Expired hold, and you can run a report for those so you can grab the expired holds, bookdrop them, and reshelve them or prepare them for the next patron in the queue!

If you are on v6, learn about your holds in the Support Center.

If you are on v6 and really jealous of the new holds in v7… contact us about upgrading!

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