Tip for: 02.06.17

Last week we followed Mark’s adventures with overdue fines, and you became a financial expert in Alexandria, right? Well, we all know things don’t always go so perfectly easy, so let’s start some ‘What if’ scenarios. What if Mark brought a $1 bill to pay the 50¢ fine and you don’t have change?

An easy way to deal with this is to add the money as a credit first, and use his credit to pay the fine.

How to add a credit:

  • In Circulation, bring up Mark as the Current Patron.
  • Go to the Charges tab, and the History subtab (v7) or the Credits subtab (v6 Web Librarian only).
  • Click Add Credit or + at the bottom.
  • In the dialog window, enter a Credit Amount of 1.
  • Click Process or OK.

Add Credit

How to pay from credit:

  • In the Charges subtab, select the overdue fine.
  • Click Make Payment.
  • Enter .5 in the Pay from Credit field.
  • Click Process.

That way 50¢ pays the fine, and the other 50¢ is available as credit on his account for next time.

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