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Tip for: 12.19.16

It’s that time of year: School has been canceled because of the weather. What do you do about items due today? Good news—there is a utility to Change Due Dates.

The Change Due Date utility in v7, or the Fix Due Date utility in v6, is helpful to globally change the due date for a selected group of items.

  • In Utilities, search for ‘due date’, and select the Change Due Date or Fix Due Date utility.
  • Look at the Selection tab.
  • In v6, add a Select By for Due Date, then enter the date. In v7, simply enter today’s date in the Items Due On field.
  • For v6, under Selection still, enter tomorrow (or the next available school day) in the To Date; for v7, got to the Options tab and enter the New Due Date.
  • Run the utility.

This will find all items due today, and update their due date.

Just to be safe, before running this utility, you could run a Loaned Items report for all items due today, so you know exactly which item/patron check-outs you will be changing.

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