Tip for: 12.12.16

There are a variety of reasons your patron may need you to manually renew their item, declare it lost, or change the due date—snow days come to mind. You can do it all from the Circulation Renewals subtab!

Renewals Tab

In Circulation, make the patron current by scanning their barcode or looking them up by name. Then from the Circulation tab, go to the Renewals subtab, which shows the list of items checked out to this patron.

To renew items: 

  • Select the copy(ies) to renew and click on the Renew button. 
  • To renew all copies checked out to this patron, click the Renew All button. 

To declare an item lost: 

  • Select the copy to declare lost. 
  • Click on the Declare Lost button. 
  • Click on Yes
  • On the Lost Book Charge (v6) / Lost Item Fee (v7) window, enter or adjust any charges or payments related to the item. 
  • Click Process to process the fine. 

To modify a due date:

  • Select the copy to change and click on the Set Due Date button.
  • Enter the desired due date and click OK.

Remember, you can print the patron a list of items checked out by opening their Details (the Q command) and printing or emailing!

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