Tip for: 12.05.16

Cataloging items with Alexandria is so easy if you use SmartMARC Title Assistant, but there may come a time when you must do original item cataloging, or you want to add fields to an existing item record. If you prefer to catalog using MARC tags and fields instead of the simple Item View, follow these easy steps.

MARC Editor

To Catalog in MARC format: 
• Go to Item Management
• If you are cataloging a new item, click on the Add (+) icon at the bottom of the Items List pane. 
• Click on the Actions menu (next to the Lock) and select Toggle MARC View (v7) or Switch to MARC View (v6). 
• To add a new tag, click any field then use the New Field (v7) that appears, or click the Add icon (v6). 

Remember, if you want to learn more about any of the tags, you can use the Library of Congress MARC Standards It’s even better than that, though—navigate directly from Alexandria to the information on the field you are curious about. In v7, click on the field number (e.g. 650), and at the bottom of the popup click Read About This Field. In v6, click anywhere in that field then Click here to read the Library of Congress specifications on this tag at the bottom of the window.

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