Tip for: 11.28.16

Some folks prefer text messaging to email. Yes—it is possible to send Alexandria overdue notifications via text message to most major cellular providers!

Note that messaging fees may apply for the receiver.

Could it possibly be as easy as putting the patron’s cell phone number in the Email field of the Patron record? No, not quite. You will need to know the cell provider for that number, as each provider has a different way of making the cell phone number accept text messages.

To find out the proper email method, go to http://www.emailtextmessages.com/ for a complete list of sms email addresses.

Once you know how to configure the phone number, simply enter it into the Email field and Save the record.

For example, Verizon format is 10digitphonenumber@vtext.com, so for the phone number 123-4567-890 you would enter 1234567890@vtext.com.

Email field text number

Now, any time Alexandria sends an automatic email or any time you use Email formats in Reports, those patrons will receive a text message instead.

Tip originally published 02.06.12

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