Tip for: 10.31.16

You just finished typing out a long, complicated command in the Command Line. Something like GA 5155 -D 11/10/2016 : 11/27/2016. It’s a work of art. Only as you press Enter on your keyboard do you realize you made a horrible mistake—the item barcode is not 5155, but 2155. Don’t tell me I have to type that whole thing again!

Take a deep breath. It’s ok. You don’t have to type the whole thing again.

With your cursor still in the Command Line, press the up arrow on your keyboard.

Keyboard picture

Just with that, the Command Line recalls its last command, and you can change the barcode number in the command to place the correct reservation.

Note: The example command is to place a reservation on any copy of a title, bypassing the calendar window. Learn more

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