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Tip for: 10.03.16

Do some of your patrons not have emails in their records? Emails are necessary for your patrons to receive hold notices, overdue alerts, and more (like resetting their password). Which patron records are missing an email?

You can find this out by running a report, or going through Patron Management.

In v7: Open Reports, and look under your Patrons > Account reports for the Patrons with No Email report. (There’s also a Patrons with No Picture report!)

In v6: Open Reports, and under your Patrons > General reports you can select any report, but let’s use the Patron List - 1 Line. Change the Select By dropdown menu to Has Email, and the following dropdown to No. (There’s also a Has Picture selection!)

With the report in hand, you can obtain emails for those patrons and make changes in Patron Management.

What if a class comes in and you want to get their emails and update them right now? The new search options in version 7 have made that a lot easier.

Patron Search for No Email

Over in Patron Management, take a look at the new options in the search window. The dropdown menus to the left let you choose from a larger selection of fields, including No Email and No Picture. That way you can pull up those records and immediately begin filling in the missing information.

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