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Tip for: 09.26.16

How many times do you or your patrons have to search for “Mars” and scroll through The Martian Chronicles and Red Rising before finding that National Geographic book? 
The answer… you don’t!

If you use Genres, then in Alexandria Version 7 your patrons can use the pre-search filter to search for a specific genre.

  • Click Genre on the search bar. If you don’t have that many genres, you will see a list of your genres right here and can select from it. If you have a lot of genres, you will need to Select a Genre.
    Pre-search filters

  • In the window that opens, double-click a genre, or search for one and select it.

  • To clear the Genre filter, choose All Genres.

You can also use the post-search filter to narrow your results.

In Alexandria version 6, there is not a particular way to search for Genre, but you can use the Advanced search to search for both “Mars” AND a relevant term such as genre “Non Fiction” or subject “Science”. 

v6 Advanced Search

(Or in version 6 or version 7 you can simply type “mars science” in the Smart Search field, and it will probably find what you need!)

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