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We have all heard that sharing is caring. With Alexandria, we allow you to do just that with shared lists in v7 and reviews in v6 & v7. 

v7 Reviews

For sharing lists, all you have to do is create your lists, then set them as Public.

Sharing Lists in Alexandria v7:

  • Log in to Search by clicking Log In.
  • Click on the My Lists button to create a list and name it.
  • Perform your search (e.g. U.S. History).
  • Select a result (or multiple results), and click the list icon OR click the list icon at the top of your results and select Add All to List or Add Selected to List.
  • Add to your recently created list.
  • Open your list and use the list icon at the top to Edit List.
  • Change the sharing to Public and click Save.
  • Click the Share icon.

With the link, you can simply share your list with whomever you would like. All you have to do is post the link on your website—or, of course, you can simply email it to someone. It’s simple! 
Watch our video tutorial

Another way you can share is with reviews. Reviews are a great way to generate reading interest for all your readers. It’s easy too!

To add a review in v6 or v7:

  • In Researcher, Log In.
  • Find the book you want to review.
  • Click on the stars, or hover your cursor over the Stars and click Add Review.
  • Write your review, pick a star rating, and save it.

Note: Reviews may require approval. See Reviews Management.

Watch our v6 video tutorial on adding reviews

What better way to show your colleagues and patrons that you care—shared lists and reviews are a great way to keep your library users in tune with each other!

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