Tip for: 01.16.18

You may be using the In Processing status (Special Patron 7) to keep track of copies that aren’t yet in circulation. But how can you find these copies later in order to process them? There are three ways.

#1 Special Patron

Type ‘7’ <enter> in the Command Line to bring up the In Processing Special Patron. Click Details, and you can print a basic list.

To get a better list, you’ll want to run a report.

#2 Copy Status Report

Copy Status Report

  1. In Reports, the Copies category, choose the Information (v7) or General (v6) subcategory.
  2. Select the Copy Status report.
  3. Set the Copies with a Status of menu to InProcessing (v7), or Select By a Copy Status of In Processing (v6).
  4. Set the Sort by (under the Options tab in v7).
  5. Run the report.

Using that report—either reading off it or copying from the PDF—you can bring up the items in Circulation, or search for the Barcode (or Title) in Item Management.

#3 Item Search

The third way is to directly search for Copy Status in Item Management. Use the keyboard shortcut command-F (Mac) or control-F (Windows) to bring up the item search.

In v7, change the search ‘Barcode’ dropdown to Copy Status, and set the second menu to In Processing.

In v6, use the little gear icon to go to the Advanced Search, Select By Copy Status, and set it to In Processing.

This will bring up all titles that have copies which are In Processing!

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