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Tip for: 03.09.15

A Tip for Central Union Libraries. In Transit? Where is Alexandria trying to send my item? You know the item belongs in your library and what's happening is a mystery to you. What's going on?

There is an easy explanation—your item information may have it belonging to a different Site.

  1. In the Command Line, enter 9 and press [enter]. This makes the In Transit patron the Current Patron.
  2. Click on the Details button. This will let you know the incorrect Site ID, and the barcodes of the items.
  3. Bring up the item record in Items Management.
  4. Click on the Copies tab.
  5. Unlock the record.
  6. Change the Site drop-down menu to your site.
  7. Save the record.
  8. Repeat for any other items.

Alternatively, the issue may be with how the items were imported, or how the Sites were entered, for example you may have two Site entries that are supposed to be for the same site, e.g. JMS and JSM.

If you notice that a large number of your items are going In Transit, the best thing to do is to contact your District Administrator. They can run a utility to solve the problem, or contact our Customer Support (1-800-347-4942) to walk them through it.

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