Tip for: 01.22.18

“What do I have checked out?” If you hear that question a lot, you are probably familiar with Patron Details.

Patron Details

When a patron is current in Circulation, you can click the Details button in the Patron Pane, OR you can use the keyboard shortcut Q.

Type Q in the Command Line, and <enter> to bring up Patron Details.

From there you, can print the details to give to the patron.

In version 7, this has become even handier—you can email Details to the patron right from Circulation. If you have your Email configured, then when you are looking at Patron Details you will see a button to Email the details. Press that to get this email dialog.

Email Patron Details

It will automatically fill with the patron’s email from their patron record, or you can change that from here. Click Send, and the patron will get all their details in their inbox!

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