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Textbooks Management is where you add, view, duplicate, move, and modify standard information about the items in your database

Textbooks Management gives you a record list on the left, and shows the current record on the right. Navigate between the Textbook Tabs (Publication, Copies, Adoption, and Notes). Click the padlock to lock/unlock the interface for editing. 

Actions Menu 

  • Remove title. Permanently removes the textbook record and all of its copies.
  • Duplicate title. Creates a new title that's identical to the current title.
  • Quick export. Quickly exports the selected title record as a .txt file 
  • Move copies to this title. Moves copies to the current title from another title. This feature is helpful when a copy is mistakenly imported (or added) to the wrong title. Once you click on this option, a dialog box will pop up. Choose if you want to enter a barcode list or range to identify the copies to be moved. If Remove source titles with no copies is checked, titles that end up without any copies will be removed.

    Copies are required to have a status of Available in order to be moved. Check a copy's status on the Information tab of the copy record.

  • Title statistics. Shows title-specific circulation information.
  • Merge title. Get rid of duplicate titles, while retaining history for all copies, and updating the title history to reflect actual usage.

Title. Title of the textbook.

Author. The suggested format is the author's last name, followed by a comma, followed by the author's first name (i.e. Downey, Phil).

Title ID. This ID is defined by each school and can contain any combination of numbers and characters. Common Title IDs are the library call number, vendor stock numbers, or a unique course number. This should be unique for each textbook in your collection.