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New to KeepnTrack? Watch this collection of 1-5 minute videos to learn the basics! 

Be sure to download a copy of our Basic Training Guide to go along with the videos.


YouTube Playlist


Welcome (0:55)

 Access and Navigation

Access and Navigation (1:51)

 Help and Support

Help and Support (1:48)


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 Administration Overview

Administration Overview (0:51)


Facilities (1:38)


Operators (2:21)


Activities (2:21)

 V9013 - Background Checks

Background Checks (4:43)

This video goes over setting up and running KeepnTrack Background Checks.

Download Video  (54.5 MB) | Download Script (PDF)

07 October 2016 for KeepnTrack 3.16.2

Attended Kiosk

YouTube Playlist

 Attended Kiosk Overview

Attended Kiosk Overview (1:35)

 Workstation Management

Workstation Management (1:40)

 Visitor Sign In

Visitor Sign In (1:58)

 Visitor Sign Out

Visitor Sign Out (1:32)

 Quick Reports

Quick Reports (1:15)

 Kiosk Preferences

Kiosk Preferences (2:03)

Sex Offender Registry Checks

YouTube Playlist

 Sex Offender Registry Overview

Sex Offender Registry Overview (1:15)

 SOR Basics

SOR Basics (1:41)

 Checking a Visitor Against the Sex Offender Registry

Checking a Visitor Against the Sex Offender Registry (1:47)

 Processing Possible Matches

Processing Possible Matches (2:07)

 Verifying Possible Matches

Verifying Possible Matches (2:29)

 Alert Preferences

Alert Preferences (2:02)

 Reviewing the Checks Tab on People Management

Reviewing the Checks Tab on People Management (2:01)

People Interface

YouTube Playlist

 People Interface Overview

People Interface Overview (1:42)

 Adding and Modifying People

Adding and Modifying People (1:37)

 Importing People

Importing People (2:38)

 Person History

Person History (1:53)

Installing Hardware

 V9029 - Loading Dymo Labels and Receipt Paper

Loading Dymo Labels (2:04)

This video shows you how to load labels and paper into the Dymo printer.

Download Video  (21.3 MB) | Download Script (PDF)

04 February 2015 for KeepnTrack

 V9030 - Installing Dymo Printers

Installing Dymo Printers (3:33)

It’s easy to install the Dymo printer and set it up to work in the KeepnTrack Kiosk.

Download Video  (37.7 MB) | Download Script (PDF)

13 March 2015 for KeepnTrack 2.75.6


See what's changed and improved in various versions of KeepnTrack!

 V9105 3.17.1

What’s New in KeepnTrack 3.17.1 (3:56)

Pictures for authorized student sign out, not-in-attendance report, and more.

Download | Script

02 June 2017 for KeepnTrack 3.17.1 

 V9104 3.16.3

What’s New in KeepnTrack 3.16.3 (1:43)

Easier URLs, a new printer, and various other improvements.

Download | Script

13 January 2017 for KeepnTrack 3.16.3

 V9103 3.16.2

What’s New in KeepnTrack 3.16.2 (5:01)

KeepnTrack version 3.16.2 includes several new features, the biggest of which is the Resolve Duplicates tool.

Download | Script

05 October 2016 for KeepnTrack 3.16.2

 V9102 3.16.1

What’s New in KeepnTrack 3.16.1 (5:19)

KeepnTrack version 3 (3.16.1) includes new interfaces, new functionality, better security, and the start of a new era.

Download | Script

30 June 2016 for KeepnTrack 3.16.1

 V9101 2.80.4

What’s New in KeepnTrack 2.80.4 (1:59)

Say “Hello” to a new Attended Kiosk, improved Sex-Offender Registry window, group email, and more in KeepnTrack version 2.80.4.

Download | Script

30 January 2016 for KeepnTrack 2.80.4

 V9100 2.80.3

What’s New in KeepnTrack 2.80.3 (2:32)

KeepnTrack version 2.80.3 is on the way, and with it comes some major changes and improvements to KeepnTrack.

Download | Script

12 November 2015 for KeepnTrack 2.80.3