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Use our templates to customize and run a variety of reports that meet your form, content, and organizational requirements. Each report provides detailed and contextually relevant information concerning your facility, saved in a convenient PDF format.


The first step in producing meaningful reports is picking the proper report category. Reports are organized in categories and subcategories. Select a category or subcategory title to view the list of associated reports in the Report Selection pane to the right. 

Report Selection

Once you've selected a category or subcategory, the associated reports will be listed in the Reports Selection pane on the right. Scroll through the list to locate and select the specific report you would like to run.


The Selected Report pane options will change depending on the report you've selected above. It contains essential options that allow you to configure how your reports are ordered, organized, scheduled, and presented.

Enter the specified information and choose your selections to build your report, and when you're ready, click Run Report. The completed report will be logged in Operations Management.

On a report, an asterisk * next to the Check Out time indicates that the person is still signed in to the timed activity. The asterisk will be cleared when the person signs out or during daily maintenance.