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People Management allows an Operator to add People, edit History, and update information. The left side is a list of people. The right shows the information associated with the person currently selected on the left. On the right hand there are tabs for; OverviewInformationClassificationAccess, and Checks. Above the tabs are the control features Lock/UnlockActionsRevertSave, and Help. Below the People list on the left you'll find the AddQuick Search, and Search features. 

Before you can make any changes, click the Lock icon to unlock the records.

Click the Search icon below the list to locate a specific person record.

The Overview tab displays the most pertinent information related to the selected Person record.

Person ID

This is an open field that allows you to assign a unique ID for an individual in the KeepnTrack system. When manually assigned the Person ID must be unique to that person and be 3 to 15 characters in length using only letters and numbers. Anytime KeepnTrack assigns a PersonID it will be generated from the first letter of the person first name, the first letter of their last name, and a 5 digit number.


Enter a prefix, suffix, or title for this person.

First Name

Enter the first name of your person.

Last Name

Enter the last name of your new person.


Enter the person’s date of birth. KeepnTrack recognizes many different date formats, but we recommend MM/DD/YYYY.


Select Male, Female, or Not Specified.


Select a person’s ethnicity using this drop-down menu. This list can be adjusted by operators in Kiosk Preferences.

Message

This message will be displayed when this person signs in. For example, if a student has lost a backpack, an operator could have KeepnTrack display "Have student check lost and found for backpack" when he or she signs in.

Quick Info

This portion of the screen displays important information about the selected person, but it also provides links to the associated fields.

The Information tab displays contact and other information about the selected person.

  • Address Lines
  • City
  • State/Province
  • Postal Code


To the right of the Phone Number fields, there is a radio button for Primary Phone. The number selected as primary will be displayed on the Overview tab. 

  • Home Phone
  • Mobile Phone
  • Work Phone

  • Fax
  • Emergency Contact
  • Email
  • Employer
  • Organization

  • Government ID
    • This field is for any type of government identification, such as Social Security, Military ID, etc.
    • It is for matching purposes only and cannot be viewed.
  • Driver's License #
  • State/Province


Enter any information other people need to know about this person, such as medical allergies.

  • Notes

  • Medical Notes

The Classification tab gives information about the classifications assigned to this person. A person can have multiple classifications. There are five subtabs within the Classification tab. In each tab, select whether or not this person should have that classification.


By default, every person in the KeepnTrack system is a Visitor; however, they can have multiple Classifications.


Enter effective dates to mark a date in the future when this person can sign in under this Classification and an expiration date if they expire.

License Plate #

License plate of the vehicle that belongs to this person.

Vehicle Description

General description of their vehicle.

Vehicle Registration

State of registration for the vehicle.

Has Felony Conviction

The selected radio button denotes whether or not the person has a felony conviction.


Approved facility Volunteers (i.e. parents, student aides, members of the community, etc.). 

Authorized Volunteer

Select if this person is an authorized volunteer. In order for them to sign in as a Volunteer, this box needs to be checked.


Enter effective dates to mark a date in the future when this person can sign in under this Classification and an expiration date if they expire.

Volunteer Type

Drop down options for Volunteer types are set in Kiosk Preferences.

Application Notes

This field displays notes made on the Volunteer Application by the volunteer.

View Preferred Activities

Displays activities this person would prefer to volunteer for. These are set using the Activities tool and can be modified in Person Status.

Preferred Times

This is an editable field that displays the times the volunteer would prefer to work. This is an optional part of the Volunteer Application and can be modified in Person Status.

View Custom Fields

Shows any custom question(s) and answer(s) given by the volunteer in the application.


Authorized Student

Authorizes this person to sign in as Student.


Enter effective dates to mark a date in the future when this person can sign in under this Classification and an expiration date if they expire.

Student ID

The student's ID number.

Family ID

The Family ID can be used by an associate member of a family.


The student's teacher.


The Homeroom for the student being viewed.


The Student's current grade.

Bus #1

The bus taken by the student.

Bus #2

This field is for a secondary bus.

Block Sign-Out

For emergency situations when you need to prevent anyone from signing the student out.

Allowed to be Signed Out By

This is a list of people who are authorized to sign the Student out. If the person signing the student out is in the KeepnTrack system, their picture will be displayed here. Learn More


Authorized Staff

Authorizes this person to sign in as a Staff member.


Enter effective dates to mark a date in the future when this person can sign in under this Classification and an expiration date if they expire.

Staff Types

Drop down for the Staff types. Staff types are set in Account Preferences.

Hire Date

The date this person was hired.

Staff ID

The ID issued to this person.


Authorized vendors for your facility (i.e. food services, book fairs, mail delivery, etc.).

Authorized Vendor

Authorizes this person to sign in as a Vendor.


Enter effective dates to mark a date in the future when this person can sign in under this Classification and an expiration date if they expire.

This feature is used to record the security and Access information for this Person.


  • Active
  • Inactive
  • Access Denied
  • Pending Active


This person can sign in or out from a kiosk between their Effective/Expiration Dates


This person can not sign in or out via a kiosk. When an attempt is made, a message will be displayed stating the reason.

Access Denied

This person can not Sign In or Out via a kiosk.


This person can not Sign In at a kiosk as their application is still pending. A Pending Status occurs when a volunteer submits an application and Volunteer Application procedure is require.

Security Group

Controls the log in permissions of the user, e.g. what modules an operator can access and what data they can change.

A KeepnTrack user's security level can only be changed by an operator of a higher security level. When a new KeepnTrack user is entered, their Security Level defaults to the lowest Security Level.


Unique to this KeepnTrack user. Required.


Case sensitive. Required.

Notification

Whenever this user signs in through a kiosk, a message is sent to any email or phone number entered here.

Sign-Out Notification

Whenever this user signs out through a kiosk, a message is sent to any email or phone number entered here.


  • Respect Workstation Settings
  • Always Print
  • Never Print

Respect Workstation Settings

This selection directs the printer to print according to the variables set at the respective kiosk.

Always Print

This setting overrides the kiosk settings and always prints a badge.

Never Print

When set to Never Print, a badge will not print at any kiosk.

Operator Alert

This allows an Operator to enter a message, up to 100 characters, that will display in a popup window when the that person Signs-In or Out through the Attended Kiosk. Learn More

Allow Access To

List of Facilities that the selected user has access to. Account Administrators have access to all facilities. Facilities must be selected for this user to sign in to kiosks as any classification other than Visitor, and operators must have access to facilities to manage KeepnTrack records and log in to kiosks.

The Checks tab is where you can run Sex Offender Registry and Criminal Background Checks.

Operators are often required to perform more in-depth and complete background checks than KeepnTrack's integrated Sex Offender Check currently allows. Using systems outside of KeepnTrack for criminal background checks wastes precious time and costs you additional money. Not only does KeepnTrack easily coordinate and manage such checks, they're generally of a higher quality than nearly all other third-party systems—covering the entire United States and not just your current state.

The use of Sex Offender Registry checks and Criminal Background Checks are subject to the obligations and protections of your state laws and the Federal Credit Reporting Act.

Sex Offender Registry (SOR) Check

Last SOR Check

Date of most recent Offender Registry Check. KeepnTrack does not keep a history of Sex Offender Registry checks, only the results of the last check.


Name of the Operator who ran Offender Registry Check.

Last Check Status

This field shows the results of the Last Check Status. One of three results will be displayed if an Offender Registry Check was ran. They are:Offender Identified, Access AllowedOffender Identified, Access DeniedNo Offender Records Matched, False Positives Recorded.


Resets all displayed data.

Criminal Background Check (CBC)

The data for these checks are aggregated from court-reporting agencies, departments of corrections, state and local sex offender registries, as well as national security websites. Some of our sources include:

  • Department of Corrections
  • Arrest records
  • Warrant records
  • Administrative Office of the Courts
  • Sex Offender records with images for the entire United States

COMPanion sells “tokens” for this service; as long as your account has tokens available, you can perform criminal background checks.

Each time a background check is performed, KeepnTrack will deduct one token, create a history record for the selected person, and record the transaction information and results for each check. KeepnTrack also provides detailed transaction reports so you can see how your resources have been spent.

Please contact COMPanion at 1-800-347-6439 or email us at to purchase additional tokens.


The provider of this information does not warrant the comprehensiveness, completeness, accuracy, or adequacy for any particular use or purpose of the information contained in this database and expressly disclaims all warranties express or implied as to any matter whatsoever. Provider will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused by the use of this data. Please be advised that many people share the same or similar names, and the same date of birth. Name and Date of Birth are not sufficient to establish identity. Generally, a fingerprint match is required to authoritatively identify an individual. Our service does not offer fingerprint information. Information may include records that have been expunged, sealed, or otherwise have become inaccessible to the public since it was last received from our data sources.

 North Carolina Administrative Office of Courts Disclaimer

The official custodian of all official court records for each county in North Carolina is the clerk of superior court of that county. The North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts (NCAOC) is not the official custodian of any case record and provides only copies of data entered by the clerks. Data provided through this service may not reflect pending or post-disposition activity on a case. The NCAOC does not warrant the accuracy of the data. To verify a record's accuracy, contact the clerk of the county of record.

Tokens Remaining

This counter is used to display how many tokens you have remaining; it can't be modified by any level of account operator. When the Tokens Remaining number gets low, it's time to order more tokens.


A text field that allows you to enter a note that will display in Person Management.

Last Background Check

This field displays the date the last time a Background Check was performed.


Name of the operator who last performed a Background Check.


Displays the result of the most recently run Background Check. The three possible designations are; Passed, Failed or Needs Review.

FCRA Status

Applicants are protected by the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) when third-party information is used in the evaluation of their volunteer application. Applicants may either accept or deny consent for the use of background checks. If they deny consent, their application may be rejected based on that decision. If they accept, the information obtained is subject to the protections of the FCRA and any applicable state laws. This non-editable field shows if they have given or denied consent.