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The Utilities interface allows you to change large amounts of information in your database at once, including batch sex offender checks. With our default templates, you choose the information you want to remove or archive.

The power behind KeepnTrack's Utilities comes from it's ability to perform massive batch operations to every stored person and history record, directly contingent upon the selections you provide. Although you can archive or remove a single history or person record by providing specific selection information (e.g. Last Name, Person ID, etc.), these actions are better handled in their corresponding Management sections.

Utilities change large amounts of information in your database at once. Be absolutely positive that you want to perform the selected utility before clicking Run Utility. Once these operations have been performed, they cannot be undone.


The first step in running a utility is picking the proper category. The utility Categories pane on the left-hand side of the interface is a collection of categories that can reduce the number of results that appear in the Utility Selection pane on the right.

  • People utilities allow you to remove or modify a large number of person records in a single batch operation.
  • History utilities allow you to archive or delete a particular history, or perform batch operations on a range of histories, based on the selection criteria that you provide.

History refers to completed activities; in other words, completed transaction records of selected activities by the people who signed in and out of your facilities using the Kiosk. When viewing a person's history, you will see the number of past activities for which this person has signed in or out, including each facility

Utility Selection

Once you've selected a category from the left, the associated utilities will be listed in the Utility Selection pane on the right. Scroll through the list to locate and select the specific utility you would like to run.


  • Batch Sex Offender Check
  • Remove Person Pictures
  • Remove Person Records
  • Remove Rejected Applications
  • Remove Rejected Duplicates
  • Group Email


  • Remove History Records
  • Set Current Hours From


The Selected Utility pane options will change depending on the utility you've selected above. It contains essential options that allow you to configure how your utility is performed.

Enter the specified information and choose your selections to build your utility, and when you're ready, click Run Utility. A log of the completed utility can be downloaded from  Operations.